Why we Started

It started with the simple idea: to make deodorants and products that people love, so they can live healthier lives. To do away with potentially harmful chemicals, and give families a better alternative – so we started with naturals.Made by Mom, Inspired by Teen!  After having an “Aha” moment, we created a line of Kids deodorant products that were plant-based, kid-friendly, and specifically targeted to stop *ahem* unique body odor.  With much research & development, testings, we developed a natural Kids Deodorant product for pre-teens, teens, and beyond.

Our Product

grownish deodorant delivers odor protection without aluminium, paraben, triclosan or talc. Our brands are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and contains no carcinogens. We’re continuously improving our bottling to reduce the amount of plastic we put out by promoting recycling.