Are your little ones starting to emit some body odor? Showing them how to use deodorant would be your first option, but is it safe to give them the product at such a young age?

This article will look at the right time for your child to wear deodorant.

What’s a Good Age for Children to Start with Deodorant?

There is no age limit or recommended guideline for when someone can start using deodorant, meaning they can begin using it whenever they’re ready. There’s a common association that you’ll begin using deodorant when body odor starts in puberty.

However, it’s entirely up to you or your children when you want to start using the sprays or roll-ons—the concerns about starting come from whether deodorant is safe for children or preteens.

Is Deodorant Safe for Kids?

There are widespread worries about the chemicals used in deodorants and their potentially harmful effects on children. The primary concerns are that the aluminum and parabens in the products can cause cancers or other health problems. Others include the risks of children consuming too much aerosol spray, causing respiratory problems, and chemicals reacting with sensitive skin.

When is the right time for your child to start wearing deodorant?

However, there are currently no scientifically proven risks between the ingredients and casing of deodorant and cancer, making them safe for children. Today, you’ll find more child-friendly formulas that address potential issues, eliminating aerosols and stripping down on the chemicals to give parents peace of mind.

So if you think your children need deodorant, options like natural deodorant for kids exist.

How Do I Know My Children Need Deodorant?

Again, there’s no set-in-stone timeframe to start introducing your children to deodorant, but there are some indicators. Here are some factors that usually determine when parents speak to their children about using the product.

These include:

So when the time comes to start teaching your children about deodorant, you’ll probably want to find products that address your safety concerns. But do such products exist?

Are There Dedicated Deodorant Products for Kids?

Grownish is a brand that has listened to all parent’s thoughts and worries about deodorants for kids, creating a non-toxic, easy-to-use, and great-smelling brand. Young boys and girls can enjoy an intuitive set of deodorants that get them excited about personal hygiene.

The below collections make excellent starter sets for deodorant.

    1. Boys Sport Collection

Get three highly effective deodorants made for a boy’s active lifestyle from a boy’s sports collection. The scents included are varsity, freshman, and sport, serving as excellent hygiene accomplices as they transition into teenagers.

    2. Girls Sports Collection

The girls’ collection adapts to a bustling lifestyle of sport and activity. Floral deodorant for girls and fresh scents of cherry blossom, summer breeze, and rosy pits also contain skin-nourishing properties to help shine and smell fantastic.

Learn More About Grownish

Do you want to learn more about Grownish and their brilliant deodorants for children? Discover why Grownish collections are fast becoming the preferred hygiene products for kids at our store.

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