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Hands down the best

Kirbyann Rodriguez (VERIFIED PURCHASER)

I absolutely love this product. When my youngest daughter turned four, her underarms smelt like a grown man. When I spoke to her pediatrician, she recommended getting her deodorant. I thought my daughter was way too young for the deodorant that I use, so I began my research and came upon growing basics, and I never looked back. Not only does my youngest daughter use it so does my oldest. My youngest is now 9 years old, and my oldest is 13 years old. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family.

An effective, gentle product!


Daughter (14) likes it... She's been using it for a few years now. It has a nice scent, and when used daily - in the morning and at bedtime - it curbs odor... It's very kind to her sensitive skin, and it doesn't ruin her clothing!! Win, win, win!!!

This is it


This was the answer to my 6 year old's BO issue. Not only does it prevent the generation of armpit stink, but it will also mask existing smells when she forgets to use it after bath time. We've been using this for almost a year now, and we won't use anything else. No issue with her sensitive skin, either.

Works really good


"We love it!!! All natural and last."

It actually works!


My almost 10 year old has hit that time in her life where hormones are kicking in which has led to some pretty rank BO lol! I wanted something natural that worked. We tried another well known brand which couldn’t hold up through the day or night for that matter. We love this brand! Smells delicious and most importantly keeps those smells at bay! You won’t be disappointed 🙂

Love Your Product!


Love your products. If you develop more scents, we'll buy those too. You have the best natural deodorant on the market. It glides on smootkly and doesn’t dry out.

Beats the smell


My 8 year-old started to smell like locker room. I figured it was time to get him a deodorant. I wanted to make sure it would be a kid-friendly product, so I did my research and decided to try Growing Basics. This deodorant has a very mild smell, a bit citrus-y, a bit sport-y, not overpowering, and my boy likes it. The amazing thing is, ever since he began using it he stopped being stinky.

Good Product!


"Good sweat control for my son."

Four Stars!


"Didn't really work for me"

Love it!


I love the products. The boys love it, and great to find one that's suited for their age

Great product- Will buy again!


Product keeps wetness and odor away on stressful / anxious days 😃

As Promised!


The kids deodorant applies nicely and my daughter thinks it smells pretty. Items were delivered on time and as promised. Thank you!

Highly Recommend!


We ordered three different deodorants for my daughter to try as she recently noticed some body odor. This one is by far THE BEST. The smell is subtle, it lasts all day and has kept the body odor away. Easy to use. Price is good as it is a two pack. I'm going to give it a try myself. Highly recommend!

Natural, lights scented, great for young ones!


I ordered this Rosy-Pits natural deodorant for one of my young children who unfortunately has stinky pits at quite a young age (as did I, so it must be genetic), but whom I do not want to use antiperspirant. I am so happy with the results! My child has very sensitive skin, yet this natural deodorant has not caused any irritation or rashes, and although the rose scent is incredibly lovely, it is not overpowering or too strong, and thankfully doesn't smell like my child is wearing perfume or anything at all, after half an hour or so. I appreciate my child smelling like a little one should, not drenched in perfume-y smells at a young age.
This deodorant has worked like a charm, and I no longer hug a pungent onion scented child each day. It is hands down worth $9, and I will order again once we run out.

Works great for sensitive skin!


Update: My son has been using this since September 2021 and thankfully hasn't had any issues with dryness or rashes like other children brands we have tried. I would recommend this to anyone with a child with sensative skin. Really does work and keeps him smelling fresh all day! Even after almost 6 months of using daily he hasn't had any issues. I'm hoping this helps a parent searching for a safe AND affective deodorant for their child!

Works great for sensitive skin!


I wanted to get my son using something since he is 9. I tried another brand for kid's and after a week it turned his armpits dark and very dry. This hasn't done that he has been using it for some time now and we haven't had any issues. The scent is nice it's not strong. My son has very sensative skin thankfully this has not caused any dryness or rashes. I would recommend this to anyone with a child that has sensative skin.

Florida heat


I still smell good in the Florida heat!



Seems to be working well. No irritation and my son and I like the scent. So far, so good. 😊🤸🏽‍♀️

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