Kids are always out and about working up a sweat. Whether they’re just enjoying a few hours at the park, or they’re tearing up the field for their junior football team, kids are pretty active.
That’s a good thing, and no parent is going to get upset that their kid is getting some healthy exercise. However, the drawback to that healthy exercise is it can end up smelling pretty ripe. That’s especially true when they’re just starting to hit puberty, and their hormones and body chemistry are all out of whack.
Lucky, kid-friendly deodorants are plentiful on the market, and you can get rid of, or at least lessen the potency of, that childhood stink.
They’re not all perfect, though. Let’s look at some pros and cons of deodorant for kids.

Pros of Deodorant for Kids:

Here are the reasons you SHOULD check out some kid-friendly deodorant options.

1: Scent Masking Without Blocking Pores

A big problem with antiperspirants is that they try to block or deactivate the pores that release sweat under the armpits and in other areas that tend to produce a lot of sweat. That can create a lot of discomforts; especially if your kid has sensitive skin.
In comparison, deodorants just lessen the smell of the sweat that does get released.

2: Usually Organic or Otherwise Safe

Adult deodorant options are packed with aluminum and other nonsense far too often. It’s not ideal for adults, and since kids are even more sensitive, it’s really not a good idea to put metals and chemicals all over their skin.
Luckily, kid-oriented deodorant companies know this, and they put your kids’ health first; keeping potentially harmful substances out of their deodorant.

3: Kid-Friendly Designs and Themes

Every parent knows how hard it can be to get a kid to do things they really need to do. Just remember back to how hard it was to get them to brush their teeth for the first time.
Well, deodorant is the same way. A kid is a lot less likely to remember to put on deodorant before heading out of the locker room for gym or something else. 
The kid-friendly themes of kid’s deodorant and scents like girl’s strawberry deodorant or boy’s citrus deodorant make them more of a fun thing for kids to deal with. If you can find something that correlates with the things they like, they’ll be a lot more likely to use it without direct instruction to do so.
These are the pros and cons of deodorant for kids.

Cons of Kids Deodorant

However, there are still some minor cons to worry about.

1: Doesn’t Prevent Sweat

This is a pro and a con. Like we said earlier, it’s not good to block a kid’s pores just to keep them from sweating. It can lead to clogged pores that are uncomfortable or prone to creating painful underarm zits. However, just masking the smell doesn’t really do anything about profuse sweating. So, you can expect their clothes to come back pretty dirty, still.

2: Potential Itching

Even though kid-oriented companies do everything possible to make gentle deodorants, some kids just have very sensitive skin. You’ll have to test the deodorant on your child’s skin once and then monitor whether they start itching. If so, you might have to switch deodorants.

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