Deodorant Innovators
Inspired by love.

Our mission is simple: Create body care products young people need with a focus on real natural ingredients, and educate parents about the potential harm of chemicals found in traditional deodorants and personal care products. We’ve done this by providing a kid-friendly, all-natural hygiene option for youths with active lifestyles. Our products use clinically tested ingredients and certified naturals to achieve good results. We are committed to you, your hygiene, and to more of your well-being journey.

Back when we started, grownish was called Growing Basics. Our motto was “Start with Naturals, Not Chemicals.” And our mission to this day has not changed. We continue to put our heart into providing our customers with high-quality personal care products that work as well as you’d intend them to.

Our passion for changing the way families use personal care is truly personal.
It all started with deodorant. When Jessica, the daughter of our founder developed under-arm odor at the age of 6 with no idea that pits could get stinky that early (being her first child), and not wanting to use traditional antiperspirant deodorant, she found no deodorant on the market that catered to growing kids, or one that didn’t involve some chemical like Aluminum, Paraben, Triclosan, Talc, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, and other uncertain ingredients. Looking for a healthier, cleaner alternative for the growing family, she decided to create her own.

We put together a line of Kids deodorant products that are naturally derived, skin-friendly, and targeted to
combat their *ahem* unique body odors.
“With much R & D and testings, we’ve developed a deodorant line of products that’s kind to adolescents, teens, and beyond. That’s why grownish was born.

More than a decade on, we’ve attracted our share of imitators, but no one has been able to match that touch of true originality in every deodorant bottle. The craftsmanship we put into creating a formula that
fully reflect the balance needed for our audience is unparalleled. And we continue to listen to our customers to help make it easier for families to make better personal care choices.

Once your package arrives at your door, you’ll understand why customers like Jenny O. say, “This has been great. Kid and mom approved.!”