Our kids are typically the most precious parts of our lives. They’re the next generation, our closest friends, and usually the people we spend most of our time with outside of work. 

Naturally, that means you want the best for your child; the best food, clothing, etc. With some things, such as food, that’s easy thanks to all the in-depth studies and guides available. What about something as simple as deodorant, though? 

Deodorant will play a big part in your child’s life, especially as they get closer to puberty and take on a distinct “funk”, and you definitely want their deodorant to not only work but to be healthy and safe for them, too. 

How to choose deodorant for kids? Here are five tips. 

1: Go with a Top Brand

First and foremost, you can narrow your search down by looking at what natural deodorant for kids is everyone else calling the best. That’s not always a surefire way to get the best product, but trusting the opinions of others is a good way to at least narrow your search down to just a few items instead of looking at every item on the market. 

2: Know the Difference Between Deodorant and Antiperspirant

At first glance, deodorant and antiperspirant seem like the same thing. However, they’re not. 

Deodorant helps prevent your sweat from smelling foul by preventing the growth of bacteria under your armpits and other sweat-producing regions of your body. Antiperspirant just stops you from sweating by blocking the glands that generate sweat. 

Antiperspirants can cause some skin issues, and it’s typically healthier to go with deodorant. 

Learn how to choose deodorant for kids.

3: Look at the Ingredients

Deodorant doesn’t need to be made from a bunch of stuff you can barely pronounce to work. There are plenty of organic, gentle options that won’t harm your child’s sensitive skin like herbal deodorant for boys and floral deodorant for girls, but they’ll still work admirably in terms of preventing foul smells. 

Take a look at the ingredient list, and try to avoid products that contain parabens, dyes, and other unnecessary ingredients that might adversely affect them. 

4: Kid-Friendly Designs

Let’s face it, kids don’t want to bust out boring stuff in the locker room, or even bother to remember it exists. You have to make sure the hygiene products you purchase for them are appealing enough to make them want to use them even when you’re not there to make them do so. 

Try to choose a product that has designs available that will suit your child’s personal taste. They’ll be more likely to actually use the product, and of course, it’s always nice to have things you truly enjoy; the same goes for your kids. Make it fun for them. 

5: Kid-Friendly Functionality

This goes hand-in-hand with the design segment we just listed. Except, rather than talking about the visual, fun bits, we want to talk about how the deodorant is used. 

Nowadays, there are gel deodorants you simply squeeze, roll-on products, and of course, twist-up options. 

Depending on your child’s age, you might want to go with one of the options that are easier to deploy like Grownish

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